Marley & Harry's

Who we are and what we do


Honest food

Local ingredients

We are a small team with our very own vet. Marley and Harry are our two babies who are fully grown, mischievous and spoilt labradors. We only want to feed them real honest food so we decided to make it ourselves (by hand) using natural ingredients.


Gently air dried

to preserve nutrition & flavour

We take sustainable human grade meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and create delicious recipes. We only use natural ingredients you will know. The treats are then gently air dried to retain all their nutrition and flavour while eliminating bacteria. 

all the good stuff


No nasties

No gluten, no wheat, no grains

No additives, salt or fillers of any kind are used in our treats. Marley & Harry's products are all clean and natural. Where possible we source Czech and local ingredients with the exception of our fish which is MSC certified.

best ingredients

Jerky or meat sticks

your pup will love them all

Our jerky is made from 100% sustainable meat. It is protein ideal for any dogs diet. Our sticks contain a minimum of 80% protein with delicious healthy additions like heart, carrot, apple, beetroot, buckwheat etc. We are constantly improving our flavours and coming soon will be a complete food bar. Watch this space.

All natural